Spicy BBQ Baked Polenta with Lebanese Garlic Sauce

On cold winter nights when I am simply too busy to cook and I just want to wrap up in a blanket on the couch and read a book, I sometimes during these moments realize that it is pretty late in the evening and I have not fed and nourished myself yet.

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By that time I am usually starving and tempting thoughts of ordering Thai food or gluten free, vegan pizza in crosses my mind like a screeching bright billboard sign that says "feed me, feed me now, I want fatty, big old pizza in my belly now." And upon these desperate times, the kitchen is also in a bit of a disarray, and you will find me knee deep in video editing only to realize 6 hours has gone by and that bowl of granola with almond milk, just isn't bloody cutting it anymore. 

Don't pretend we have not ALL been there. Usually the more we focus on career, school, or real life we forget to feed ourselves nourishing  food. We simply are too busy.

Well Lucky for you, and yes, I am looking at you... I have concocted a meal that is quick, really easy, and filling. AND even 'fancy' enough to impress a date or company on the fly, when you are much more concerned with finding that bloody bottle opener you haven't used in ages , then you are spending time stirring, mixing , mashing and chopping some healthy meal. And after the wine hits, and hypothetically if you *were* on a date, would you dare order in a pizza? 

Not if you want a second date!  Ok I am joking. Most folk love pizza. 

But realistically, you are better then that and know that. This is also the ultimate 'binge food', because it is 100% healthy, it is filling, has fiber, and even if you eat the entire polenta log in one sitting like I do, it won't make you fat. It is also so fancy and easy you are literally showing yourself self love when you eat it. 

With only 6 ingredients, that most of you should already have on hand, you will *never* have an excuse to not eat fabulously healthy again. 




  • 1 Polenta log
  • black pepper in a grinder
  • garlic Lebanese Sauce
  • 1 or 2 ripe roma tomatoes
  • BBQ sauce- vegan
  • hot sauce of your choice
  1. preheat oven at 415 degrees
  2. cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper
  3. unwrap and rinse with water the polenta. Then cut it into 1 to 1  2/1  inch slices and arrange nicely on tray.
  4. grind pepper over all of the polenta cakes
  5. cut up Roma tomatoes in tiny one inch pieces and evenly distribute on top of all of the polenta cakes. 
  6. put garlic sauce on polenta cakes, about a quarters worth or more. 
  7. pour a bit of BBQ sauce on each of the polenta cakes, and then pour enough hot sauce to your liking over all of them. 
  8. Finnish with black pepper
  9. put the polenta cakes in the oven for 20 minutes, periodically checking to see how crispy the sides are getting. 20 minutes for soft polenta, 25 minutes for more crispy edges.
  10. Enjoy! Good to eat all in one sitting with a good glass of merlot and some black olives. Or if you have the time with a side of lightly seasoned radicchio with lemon and olive oil, or braised baby broccoli. Bon Appetit!
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xoxo Caroline