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Why Bend It Raw? 

Because I believe you can "bend" gracefully towards raw-foodism and healthy eating and still be "you".

Not a raw foodist. Not a fruitarian, but someone who wants some extra veggies and health in their life without all the labels, stress, or drama. 

I have come to learn with my own personal battles with celiac disease what works for me, and I am always learning and growing. 

Right now I am currently learning how to be a health coach at the Integrative Nutrition school in New York and am currently seeking people that I can practice with! I also have studied raw foodism with David Wolfe, and am in the process of getting a raw foods 'cooking' certification. I love assisting people towards becoming plant based or vegan. It is one of my favorite things to do. It has helped me SO much with my own immune system problems, I know what it can do for others in similar situations. 

 Me before, sick, not knowing I had celiac, before I went vegan. I may be smiling but inside I am so sick. 

Me before, sick, not knowing I had celiac, before I went vegan. I may be smiling but inside I am so sick. 

 Me after going vegan and eating mostly raw foods. 

Me after going vegan and eating mostly raw foods. 

Am I a raw foodist? Short answer....Define "raw foodist".  I strive to eat at least 80 percent of my diet raw. But somedays I love baking and experimenting with vegan and gluten free foods that are cooked. I currently am working on two cookbooks and a vegan recipe blog that is for celebratory non-raw foods. Occasionally I will go 3 months eating nothing but raw foods. But having done this for a while I have learned that as long as you are vegan, eating enough nutrition, getting enough minerals, good fats, and healthy carbs and fiber you are pretty much ahead of the game anyway. This is literally the least strict raw food blog out there. It is up to you when you wish to be "raw". Are you raw in the mornings? Or in the evenings with a big salad? It is up to you and your body. Me, I am usually raw until dinner. But I think to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle that literally lasts your entire life, it helps to create a warm, loving environment for yourself revolving food. And I don't think being strict or hard on yourself is good for a lifetime plan. 

That being said, I think the power of raw foods to help cleanse, heal, fortify, and reset the body is not to be underestimated. If you would like some coaching in this area, I would be happy to assist. There are ways to make it very easy, and ways to make it very difficult. I can make it fun, exciting and motivate you into a renewed state with grace and ease if that is something you are really interested in experimenting with.

On the other hand if you just need help going vegan or plant based and don't mind eating cooked foods and want a rich and diverse diet that is filled with health and vitality that is something I would be more then happy to help with as well. I do not judge either way. 

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do! Always feel free to reach out and message me at my e-mail   Let me know you have found me off the blog and let me know how I can assist you in your journeys! 

Much love 

Caroline xoxo