Sorry I have been MIA!

So where to begin. I know I haven't been around....I have not been streaming...or uploading any new videos....and nothing on instagram. ect ect ect. 

 Here is what I have been up to!

Learning how to cook raw food. It's pretty sexy. It's a lot of cutting. It's pretty decadent. It tastes like angels cheeks.

Making videos. Cooking videos, videos of me getting spring water....IT DOES EXIST.

FINISHED BEING RAW FOOD NUTRITION CERTIFIED. ***ASK ME about raw food** Why? because I really love raw food, and I love talking about it. 

My phone is out of order. That is because I am too busy foraging wild spring water.

No instagram and no answering peoples texts. That's okay though...because I am happy to be phone free......

 Is my phone broken? Nope. Is the phone bill not paid? Nope. Do I just not care about my phone and have it someplace hidden in the house? Yes. Yes I do. Probably going to go off phone vacay soon though...I mean...instagram. 

Making the art. Why? because I do that from time to time. :)

Fun fact. I am listening to Wu-Tang- Clan right now. 

Another fun fact....I have at least 20 bikinis for yoga, and I need a really good video guy to film some yoga videos.