Belly fat, gone!

Imagine one day you wake up and your abs and stomach are washboard flat. Flat as the world before they knew it wasn't flat...flat enough to keep the world from slipping off into the abyss. Sorry I digress.

So I wake up and my abs are flat ok...and then I wake up again the next day, and they are STILL FLAT. This obviously calls for a blog post for the old neglected blog....

Before -during high carb low fat

high carb low fat belly fat
raw food belly fat

ME AFTER  UPPING MY GOOD FATS and sprouted nuts. Bring on the avocado and iodine rich sea veggies

HIGH CARB LOW FAT did NOT help my belly fat.... 

But I am going to share what did. I am going to make a bullet pointed list of things I have been doing recently to wake up with flat abs.

I was already doing...

  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • food combining rules 
  • high carb low fat
  • stressed out, not feeling on top of the world. 
  • began pole dancing

ok and here is what I ADDED to my diet....

  • chorella powder
  • mega doses of iodine
  • sprouted sunflowers in mass amounts
  • gabba brown rice at night
  • an extra smoothie here...and extra one there...maybe two a day
  • beets. 
  • extra carrots
  • flax seeds
  • probiotics
  • vitamin d
  • avocado
  • sprouted almonds
  • oh and a day or two of fasting with no food, or low food to "restart' my body
  • extra zinc
  • goji berries
  • olives, lots of them
  • wine. Yes wine.

So basically....from the way I am seeing things...High carb low fat is a good 'start' but for optimal health you might want to consider *adding in* the high mineral, good fatty acids, zinc, veggies, root vegetable...whole gentle grains...super foods...

I mean I am still gluten free...Vegan....and eat my carbs without fat. Have I upped my fat though? YES 

Am I enjoying my diet more now? Yes, why yes I am. Wine and goji berries always make a diet taste better. Yes I am eating olives now...DO I LOOK FAT TO YOU? YES I JUST ATE FAT...but am I fat? 

Just food for thought

love Caroline , aka Karri.

( yes I have decided to go with my more formal name, it is more fussy and representative of the sassiness I now have from not having to worry about my belly and being able to eat all my favorite foods)