What I ate today

Spring is for perfume, sundresses and more daylight hours drenching dinner tables topped with Asparagus lightly toasted with garlic and fresh lettuce with lemon soaking in the sun. 

Spring is for daydreaming over lunch with radishes and tea, with startched linen tablecloths. 

Spring is for me, though unfortunately not here yet, the daylight hours creep with the promise of sun, hitting my head in just the right way that might suggest a coming warmth, here in Seattle the sun is always a tease. But I know it is coming, and I am prepared. Mind, body and soul. 

So food! Let us talk food and pleasure. I ate for pleasure today, and I am not ashamed of it, nor am I afraid of gaining weight. In all likely hood I will actually gain a coy smile and a pep in my step.

Allow my to explain...

Today I ate...

  • Coffee with almond milk, lightly steamed with a beautiful flower design in the creama. 
  • A brown rice , pinto bean and guacamole bowl from Chipotle. Yes. Chipotle. (I ate it while walking down the street, basking in the sun.)
  • A glass of Port wine.
  • Half a bar of Theo dark chocolate
  • A gigantic bowl of fresh lettuce with half a lemon squeezed, pepper, and olive oil. Lots and lots of olive oil. And a bit of cayenne pepper.
  • Then two sunflower seed patties with teriyaki sauce and hot sauce. 

Do I feel awesome? Yes I do. I feel like rather the arbiter of pleasure and decadence. I even danced today. I also did no cooking so I can settle down and focus on my photography things. 

Tell me, what did you eat today? And did it make you feel amazing?