Important update!

 The real reason why I have not been active on Bend it Raw for the last few months is that I have actually created a vegan dating site!

Yes! Weird....I know. But it has happened, and I am all too pleased with how it is going.

 So far for only being active for 2 months and it has managed to bring in a following of 700 or so members, and I am expecting more to come. Also Vegan Mojo created a video on it...which I will link later since it is sort of a surprise. Actually, the whole thing is a surprise really. It is frankly a surprise to me that I even created it! So this actually deserves a fantastic blog post later, going over all the features of the site, ect. Lets just say I have been incredibly busy. 

 This whole journey actually started when I got sick with pneumonia for three months and had nothing better to do then lay in bed. I couldn't really blog about food, since that actually took energy (and making food which having pneumonia, that is pretty hard to do), but I still wanted to contribute something to the vegan community, since I am always having ideas run through my head...and a vegan dating website is actually one that I could do from my own bed, while sick. Basically it involved a ton of nerding. Because when you are healthy you don't really feel like nerding much, you want to go walk in nature and eat fruit and all that. But being sick provided me the perfect opportunity to nerd my heart out without being impatient 

I also wanted to provide a positive vegan community, unlike all the other vitriolic, cranky, trolling angry vegan communities online, such as the ones you would find on Facebook.

You know...the types of vegan communities where people are catty and gang up on each other?  For no good reason other then ego or boredom? Those communities. Those are just terrible places to express any form of expression without being attacked, and they are in the end draining to the soul. So here enters...Sweet Earthlings. My current lovechild of everything I want in a vegan community rolled into one site. Only it isn't officially done hold on guys, it is on it's way to be one of the most popular vegan communities out there right now. Not joking. So far it has been nothing but positivity on there, so I am excited. 

Anyway, this is my update. Do I love bend it raw still? Well honestly, sure. I love this being my base hub for all the things I am doing at the moment. But I also want to make it into something so much more. 

Also I changed my name. My new name is actually now Caroline Awne. Awne is my faery name, from when I was young and could actually communicate with faeries. Now I try but it isn't really the same. Faeries pretty much gave me that name, it means "Own" in Old English. Not sure exactly what that represents, but if anyone knows, I would pretty much be forever grateful. Also if you are vegan and want to help me work on vegan projects, feel free to hit me up. I am kind of overwhelmed at the moment with all the vegan things I am doing, and currently looking to form a team/ posse.

xoxo Caroline Awne