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Welcome!  My name is Karri Kat and here on Bend it Raw, we focus on all things Raw Vegan living foods, Nutrition and Movement. You cannot have one of these things missing if you are wanting wonderful, sensual, mindblowing health! Here we eat for beauty, move for flexibility in all areas in our life, and drink herbal teas passed down from "the old country" for vigor, life and magic. I say that word a lot, "Magic". I believe that once you incorperate more raw living foods, more yoga, more tea, more dancing into your life...your senses will unfold and literally before your eyes magic will envelope everything around you. 


This journey is a long one. I have studied herbalism since I was a little girl, especially with my Romanian grandmother when she used to take me on walks through the city wild foraging for baby pine needles and wild saint johns wort that she would later boil down into liqures on the stove and we would drink these things for breakfast and taken as shots when we were sick. Later on in life I became a vegetarian in my teens, but my life really started to unfold when I discovered raw foods.

Raw foods pretty much changed my life. It had healed my depression, I had lost weight, and I glowed. I felt a connection for everything around me and my senses wake up to colors and sounds and feelings. I knew then what it was like to feel alive. I can assure you that once I started going raw I made a ton of mistakes and I have been learning every since. The passion and dedication I have to raw foods is one that I cannot even begin to describe. 

Having 10 years experience experimenting with raw foods, reasearching nutrition, herbs, practicing yoga, dancing, I haven't always been perfect. Because of these inperfections, I've gone through a lot. I am diagnosed with celiac, and now I know I can never have wheat or some grains again. Just having low levels of this substance in my diet has brought me close to death and caused me to fight tooth and nail in the name of health and discovering the scientific *and* magical ways to heal and maintain health. After having been bed ridden and fed up I single handedly clawed my way back to vitality with raw living foods and that's it. 

I am now currently studying to be a Raw Foods Chef, getting my certification in raw nutrition and pursuing a path in becoming a yogi. 

This blog is to share what I have learned, hopefully it will help someone heal as I have.

                                                                                 xoxo,   Karri Kat.


I'm always up to something video wise on my youtube channel. More serious minded videos to come. I just can't help myself. A whole bunch more recipes....a whole bunch more raw experimentation. And a whole bunch more yoga videos. Maybe less feather pens and American flags. Maybe....

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